Summer in Mallorca

Mallorca is a wonderful sailing area. We arrive early May on Majorca. A beautiful island with clear blue waters, beautiful bays and nice fishing villages. We sailed many day trips with guests from all over Europe and America. Always a challenge to communicate in so many languages!

German and English is no problem, French is more difficult but is getting better. But Russian? Fortunately there is always someone who speaks a little English ..

Weektrips Balearic Islands Mallorca

The weektours were very special. Again we visited other bays. In one of the bays on the west coast, called Foradada there is, in the middle of nowhere, a great seafood restaurant with spectacular views. You need to make reservations at least two days in advance because it’s always packed.

Balearen Mallorca 2015 Tapas lunch

Uitgebreide tapas lunch voor onze gasten

Relaxed sailing with the Twins

Sailing around Mallorca is very relaxed. There is often not much wind, but with the “Twins” this is no problem. Soon we are at a speed of four or five knots. There are so many beautiful anchorages.

Wishes of guests are fulfilled

Calm, swimming, snorkeling or a combination with nightlife (read discos visits) is possible. In the bay of Palma de Mallorca are several possibilities and our youthful customers can enjoy themselves, while their parents enjoyed the view, a drink and a snack on the “Twins” or on a terrace.

Balearen Mallorca 2015 dagtochten

Also naturists are welcome

We sailed also with naturists. With them we search for the bays where there are not to many boats. These are still to be found, although in peak season it can sometimes be difficult.

Overall, it was a great summer entertaining guests in the Balearic Islands Majorca in 2015!