The most frequently asked questions..

I have sailing experience needed to cruise?

No, the crews of our ships are very experienced sailors and ships can fine acting.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

For sailing around the Canary Islands we recommend windproof clothing, as well as a fleece. In addition, t-shirts, short and long pants (and) and swimsuits. Around Mallorca, the temperatures are higher, but a fleece can be nice. On the IJsselmeer can be warm, talk here with your crew what the scheduled day is most appropriate.

Do I need towels and sleeping bags/beds linens are necessary?

No, on board are more than sufficient towels, fluffy duvets, sheets and duvet covers. We make sure the cabins at the finish in order. This applies, of course, only for multi-day trips.

Will I get seasick?

Tricky question! That is different for everyone. If you are sensitive to motion sickness is chances are you also to a greater or lesser extent experience seasickness. This is of course also depends on the weather conditions. If the hard blows, the waves higher and moves the ship more. Advantage of our catamarans, that the ship is not skewed. If you have doubts, please what seasickness pills.

How can I prevent seasickness?

The best is not too much alcoholic drinks the night before. ´ in the morning at breakfast, it is better to no coffee or orange juice ´ orange drink. Eggs and bacon is also not recommended. Fatigue can play a role. Make sure you don’t get cold. If you still experiencing your stomach, there are a number of options. Send, to the horizon itself keep looking and if that doesn’t help, go back in your cage. And, strange as it seems, try to keep eating. There are always biscuits and/or French bread on board. Also continue to drink lots of water or tea.

Can I take an active part in sailing on board?

Yes, you can help with the sails, steer and sail trimming. We explain you how everything works and what to look for.

Who does the grocery shopping?

We provide more than enough food and drink on board, which we take into account your wishes. If you are allergic or not so certain things like, we put that is not on the table.

We must have the possibility to Cook?

No. We provide 5 x a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, if you like to cook itself once, then that of course.

Can you guys help with searching for air travel?

Yes, we are glad to help!

Which routes we sail?

Week Program Canary Islands:

Tenerife to La Gomera. A day of sightseeing on La Gomera. Sailing to La Palma. Sightseeing La Palma. Sailing to La Gomera (other port) and the last day back to Tenerife.

Week Program Mallorca:

Arrival Palma de Mallorca. Depending on the wind direction and strength either to the East or to the west side of the island. There are several secluded coves for swimming and snorkelling. A visit to Palma de Mallorca is worth, it is a beautiful city. A day with a car is also recommended. Many natural beauties, lovely towns and spectacular views.

Is there opportunity to the Islands to view?

Yes, there are various possibilities in the Canary Islands and Mallorca. There are beautiful hiking trails or you can rent a car to explore the Islands. We have all the tourist information on board and know the most beautiful places and routes. We have plans of all the Islands where you can use.

There is internet access on board?

Yes, we have a router on board where everyone can use, so long as we near a Wi-Fi network. It is so depending on where we are. The speed often leaves to be desired, in any case, it is never as fast as at home. If we can find the ship no Wi-Fi network, then it is always possible to on shore to connect. Usually in restaurants or bars.

To what wind power boating you?

We sail from wind force 6. Around the Canary Islands there are acceleration zones where the wind harder than the weather forecast. If there is wind force 4-5 is predicted, and the wind is against, we sail out. In the acceleration zones, the wind than 6 to 7 Beaufort. Around Mallorca there is rarely to high winds. On the IJsselmeer we sail not above wind force 6.

If I book a day trip and let the weather conditions do not allow to sail, I lost my money then?

No, in that case, we consult with you to plan the day trip at a different time. It is, moreover, sind 2008 occurred only once.

Give you instructions regarding the sailing, navigate?

Yes, although we have no sailing school. Sailing lesson and theory for real you need to do this with a recognised sailing school. Of course we are always willing to answer any questions about sailing, navigate and maneuver to answer.

We also sail at night?

No, only on the cross of Tenerife to Portugal and back. We sail than 5 to 6 nights. Depending on your experience, we can organize you wait system. Either independently, or together with one of us. See also Ocean sailing.

Is your question not answered? Please contact us. We will answer your questions!