Ocean sailing

Real ocean sailing!

Always wanted to sail at night out on the ocean? This is your chance! Experience this adventurous journey where you can take part in the sailing, navigation and watchkeeping.

Of course, there is plenty of time to relax and we take care for all food and drinks. Sail with us on our catamaran “Twins”.

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Tenerife-Gibraltar, 14-day trip (28th of March till the 11th of April 2019)
Total distance 750 miles
We depart from Tenerife. Depending on the weather forecast, we determine to sail the route. On this trip the wind is predominantly from northern directions. That means that we probably have to tack, making the distance a bit longer.

When the weather conditions are favorable we sail from Gibraltar to Tenerife. This trip is 750 miles, which, with favorable winds, takes about 5 days and nights. This non-stop trip takes us across the Atlantic. Depending on the weather conditions there will be time to visit either the Spanish Southcoast and  Gibraltar or Tenerife.

Gibraltar-Gran Canaria. Canary Islands, 14-day trip
(7th till the 21st of October 2019)

Total distance 750 miles (due).

As soon as the weather conditions are right we sail from Gibraltar to Gran Canaria. This sailingtrip is 750 miles, for which we need about 5 days with favorable wind. This non-stop journey takes us over the Atlantic Ocean. Depending on the weather conditions, there are still a few days left to either Gibraltar or Gran Canaria.

Both inside and outside is a pleasant place to be. The spacious salon, the sheltered cockpit, your cabin with own shower and toilet assures maximum privacy.

We take care for more than enough food and drinks on board and prepare the meals.