The Canary Islands are a group of Islands about 100 km west of the coast of Morocco. It is an autonomous region of Spain.

With Sail4fun it is possible to four of the seven islands: Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera and La Palma. Because the climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean on the Islands is the very pleasant temperature all year round. Not too hot in the summer and in the winter the temperatures are rarely less than 18 degrees. Each island has its own charm and are very different. Sailing from one island to another and have enough time to spend time ashore, gives you a good impression of what each island has to offer.

Sailing in this area is very varied. Between the Islands, in the so-called accelaratie zones, it always blows harder than just below the coast. A spicy wind force 5-6 to a quiet breeze of 3-4 Bft the Canary Islands offer all the ingredients for a wonderful sailing holiday. There are also several beautiful dive sites. Sailing and diving around the island is a special experience.

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A short impression of these extraordinary Islands.

Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria is best known for its beaches, but has much more to offer. As soon as you explore the Interior you will be surprised by the impressive rock formations and beautiful views. Outside the tourist areas are many villages with small restaurants where you can enjoy the typical Spanish specialties.

Tenerife is, with good visibility, at large distances (often more than 100 km!) identified by Spain's highest peak, the Pico del Teide. A visit to this nature reserve is more than worth it. It looks like a lunar landscape! On the other hand, on the northeastern side of the island is a nature reserve with lots of vegetation and steep cliffs where beautiful walks. The most famous Valley, at the city of picturesque village of Masca is located on the west side of the island. In short, a special island with something for everyone.

La Gomera
La Gomera has hardly beaches but that is amply compensated by the beautiful nature and many hiking routes. In the center of the island is a kind of microclimate where to see primeval forest is a particular. It is very moist and the mosses grow rampant along the trunks of the trees. Many Laurel trees, but also Heath. The Erica is here 12 meters high! The town of Valle Gran Rey is known as the hippie village of the island. A small but cosy place where you, in the port or at anchor, a beautiful view of the steep cliffs, the beach and the village.

La Palma
La Palma has no beaches, but an overwhelming natural beauty. There are also several hiking routes here for the more experienced hikers. Of course, it is possible to rent a car to explore this beautiful island. The capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma, has a special indoor market, there are many beautiful buildings and is cozy with noisy.

In short, there is much to see, do and enjoy on and around the Canary Islands.