Weektrips Canary Islands

Weektrips around the Canary Islands

We organise delicious weektrips (or longer) to the lesser known islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro. These islands with small villages, friendly people and beautiful scenery are well worth a visit. We know the best spots!

The sailing between  the islands is a unique experience, especially on our catamaran “Twins“. A catamaran sails upright. With any luck the dolphins play around both bows. The large front deck is equipped with a trampoline, so you literally float above the dolphins. But even without the dolphins it is relaxing and ideal for sunbathing.

Enjoy the beautiful rocky coasts, beautiful anchorages, fishing villages, local markets, … in short, something for everyone. The experienced crew take care for good food and drinks. The daily itenaries are classified to your liking. You can determine whether you stroll in the evening on a nice promenade, or enjoy a beautiful sunset  while enjoying a drink and a delicious dinner. Take your time for renting a car or hiking. There are several beautiful hikingtracks.

Come and join us!

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